Karen is our newest team member and is the firm’s paralegal and go to person for a wide array of things, whether assisting a client, working on an internal project, or doing some of that paralegal stuff. When asked for info for her bio, she said she is boring, and there is nothing interesting about her, but we disagree.  For one thing, Karen had a 4.0 GPA (allegedly) in her paralegal program.  Score!

Prior to joining the firm, Karen worked as an office manager for a specialized contracting business. Her interest in the legal field developed when she assisted another family member with a family law case.  

Perhaps like some other Karens, our Karen enjoys being at the beach in her downtime with a good book and a Corona – the adult beverage – not the virus.  Whether she likes getting caught in the rain or pina coladas is unclear. She is married, has offspring, and dog named Ginger.  If there is a Maryanne, we don’t know about it.

Strangely, she is not a huge fan of talking on the phone, which could possibly signal an issue with our hiring process, but she seems to do just fine with it. We’ve also learned that she has an intense dislike of caterpillars.   Think of what that might be like, and then multiply it by a hundred times, and that may approach her disdain for the furry little creatures. 

So, please be nice when you call and don’t track in any caterpillars as we cannot be responsible for what may happen.