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1.  Different Solutions for Different Situations

Some law firms only litigate cases in court.  Some lawyers that are mediators only mediate.  There are some layers that will only handle divorces that are solved through negotiations, and will not appear in court.   You get the idea. The point is that our Medfield divorce and family lawyers and mediators are uniquely positioned to handle your case in a way that works for you.  Whether you are interested in a collaborative divorce, mediation, or your spouse is dragging you to court, then we can help.

For non-family law matters, the situation is similar.  Oftentimes civil matters are better resolved through skilled negotiations and alternate forms of dispute resolution.

2.  You might even like us!

Don't you prefer to work with people you like?  Our attorneys and mediators are easy to talk with and have some interesting life experiences that help them connect with people (most people, anyway).

Lawyers that act like bullies or yell are probably making up for a lack of other skills.  We take the time to get to know you, listen to your priorities and concerns, and then provide you with easy to understand information and advice.  Some lawyers talk at you and feel like they need to be the focus of the case, whereas we work closely with you since we are in this together every step of the way.

3.  We won't leave you hanging.

We've had many clients come to us after working with another attorney.  People tell us things like:

  • “My first lawyer would never call me back”
  • ” I would have to call her six times before I would get a response!”
  • “I could barely get through the paralegal to even talk to my lawyer.”
  • “I don't think my attorney cares about my case.”

No, we are not perfect, but we will get back in touch with you promptly – almost always the same day. For late afternoon calls, there is a chance we will be in touch the next day, depending on our other commitments.

4. Efficient Action to Resolve Your Case

It seems to us that some lawyers subscribe to the “throw everything up against the wall and see what sticks” methodology. We'll see boilerplate pleadings that were first completed in 1984, and long discovery requests for items that don't have much to do with the issues. We work efficiently, weighing the costs versus benefits with you throughout your case.

We've invested in technology to help our family law attorneys and mediators work more efficiently.   For example, every client has access to a secure Client Portal where case documents can be viewed and even uploaded to us.  Through the portal we are also able to message each other, comment on documents, share calendar appointments, and connect clients with invoices and accept payments.    Can't make it to our Medfield office for a meeting or a mediation session?  No problem, we can video chat and you can save the drive time and gas.

5.  Legal Fees

We understand that legal fees are a concern for most people.  Whenever possible, we'll try to provide more than one option for you; such as an hourly rate and a flat fee option. In other instances, we may be able to arrange a series of fixed fees based upon specific portions of your case. We're happy to discuss these options with you, including the pros and cons of each.  To read more about legal fees, please click here.

Divorce and family law attorneys and mediators serving the Medfield, Walpole, Westwood, Norwood, Natick, Walpole, Medway, Franklin, Dedham, Dove, Sherborn, and Millis, MA areas.    Medfield and Westwood divorce lawyers and mediators.

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