Introducing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Panel of Neutrals

Introducing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Panel of NeutralsWe’re proud to introduce our civil alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice area and our experienced panel of neutrals. ADR can be extremely beneficial for all parties involved and is a sensible alternative to a court battle.

ADR is much more about problem solving than the traditional litigation process.  ADR includes mediation, arbitration, collaborative law, and conciliation. We can help you with many civil matters, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Contract disputes
  • Consumer cases
  • Insurance disputes
  • And more

Using ADR is a great way to avoid the long process of the court system, and save yourself from excessive legal fees. This area of law is used to achieve a reasonable settlement between two parties in a dispute. ADR allows them to talk directly to one another, hearing considerations from both sides, and come to a decision that is win for everyone involved.

Typically, it can take multiple years to get a final verdict in regular court based litigation. ADR allows both parties to have a say in the outcome, and control cost and time of the procedure. ADR is practiced in hundreds of countries, and some courts even require some form of ADR before the court can be tried in a courtroom.

With the courts overloaded with cases, it can take years for your case to be even heard by a judge. With ADR, the process is expedited and efficient.

Overseeing our civil ADR efforts is our panel of neutrals. Our team of conflict resolution professionals are skilled and have a wide-range of experience.  We provide a smart alternative to high-priced Boston options, in a convenient setting close to Rt. 128 in Medfield, MA.   Our ADR providers are also available to travel to your location, and are focused on helping you resolve your civil case fairly and efficiently.

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Our panel of neutrals provides mediation, case evaluation, conciliation, and arbitration services. If you feel like this is the right process for you, contact us for more information.