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Cancel the search party!  Some people have ended up at the wrong building due to the Google place marker displaying up the street.  Don't worry – this page provides a clear guide on getting to our office without any hassles.

This is where you are going:  266 Main Street, Suite 16, Building 2

Follow along with the info and photos below to come in the rear door without stairs.  You can also park in front, and walk up to the 2nd level of the center portion of the building.

1.  In this picture, note that the Red Google pin for our address is in the wrong spot, in front of 258 Main Street.  258 Main Street is mostly retail, including the Donut Express shop.  Our building – 266 Main Street, sits behind 258 Main St, further off of Main St.

1 aerial view
266 Main St. Medfield, MA – Aerial View

2. As you approach on Main St, look for the “Old Medfield Square” sign. The sign is much easier to see when traveling east, towards Westwood. If you are westbound, as if heading towards Millis, you will go past the Shaw's and Marshall's shopping area on your left, but turn left BEFORE the gas station with the car wash and Dunkin Donuts.

Pull into the driveway so this sign is on your left side.   A common error is going to the tan building behind this sign, likely due to the incorrect position of the building marker on Google as mentioned above.  If you do that, you'll need to pull back onto Main Street.   Hopefully, it will be a nicer day and there won't be a puddle.

2 sign view
Watch for this sign. Pull in so this sign is directly on your left. The tan building in the image is NOT our location, that is 258 Main. You want 266 Main St.

3. As you drive up the driveway to 266 Main Street (Old Medfield Square), you'll see the gas station to your right.   As you approach 266 Main St ahead, you should make a sharp left to drive around the rear of the building.  (This is the easiest way to get to our suite, but you could park in front and enter into the middle section, building 2).  Look for the back of a stop sign, that is where you should turn left.

3 driveway view
You are getting close. Just make a sharp left to drive around the back of 266 Main Street to park.

4. Now that you have arrived in the back of 266 Main Street, park your car.  As you look at the building (again, from the back as shown in this image below) there are two sets of entrance doors.  You'll want to enter in the doors that are on the left hand side of the building, labeled Building 2.  This is also a little weird, because 266 Main Street is one large building, but divided into 3 sections…Buildings 1, 2, and 3.

4 office view
Our Medfield Office. When you arrive, drive around the left side to the rear of the building. Enter in Building 2 doors.

Medfield lawyers and mediators serving Walpole, Norwood, Westwood, Millis, Medway, Dedham, Canton, Sharon, Sherborn, Dover, and beyond.   Please call (508) 359-4043 for more information.

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