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Norwood is located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. As of 2010, Norwood has a population of over 30,000 people. The town officially formed in 1872, after being included in the town of Dedham for quite some time. The area was long used as a hunting ground for wild animals, which enticed people to migrate over, creating mostly farmlands.

There are interesting places to check out in Norwood, including the Oak View mansion, which has hosted some of the prominent figures like President and Supreme Court Justice William Howard Taft and President Calvin Coolidge.

There is also a large cluster of automobile dealerships on Route 1 known as the Norwood “Automile.” There's also a huge wildlife area called the Ellis Gardens Playground that will allow you to walk trails, visit the waterfront, and enjoy some outdoor time with your friends and family.

What to Do in Norwood

Norwood is also an amazing place to raise a family. Surrounded by plenty of schools and. There are great adventures to go on in Norwood, like “Rock on Adventure,” which is an awesome place to get some rock climbing and trampoline jumping done!

There are Blue Hill helicopter rides that will take you around the area in no time at all. Monster Mini Golf is a great getaway for the family to up their mini golf game at a monster-themed course!

Norwood also has its own “Memorial Airport,” which hosts thousands of guests a year and is owned by the town. There's other amazing places to check out in Norwood like the Neponset Valley Lands, and the Norwood Country Club (for all you golfers of the non-miniature variety).

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