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Westwood is a town that was settled in 1640. It originally was a part of a city called Dedham and was considered “West Dedham” before getting incorporated. The current population is listed at 14,618.

In 2012, Boston Magazine selected Westwood as one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. It is currently ranked as the 20th wealthiest town in Massachusetts.

Westwood is a town that is known for the quality of its education. The town continuously scores in the top percentile for test scores in the nation. A new Westwood high school was recently created as the one from 1957 was demolished. Since the schooling system is something the town of Westwood takes a lot of pride in, they've invested $45 million in the new high school, including a swimming pool, new turf fields, and synthetic track.

Westwood runs under a “home rule charter” making it so that there are 3 different selectmen governing the city.

Where to go in Westwood

Westwood is home to over 200 businesses, and some interesting places. Some of the most popular ones are Satan's Kingdom (what?), Grimm Conservation, Pheasant Hill, and many more. Sounds cool, huh? There are also some other areas worth traveling to, including the Hale Reservation, which includes a beautiful beach and winding trails that you can roam in your free time over and over again.

There are commuter rails and Amtrak trains running through route 128 making Westwood a main route heading directly to the big city of Boston, which is just a few miles away. Who wants chowder?

“Gay Street” in Westwood is listed as one of the best streets in the Boston area. It is located just 12 miles away from the Boston downtown area. It is a beautiful winding road where you can find nature and wildlife on both sides of the road.

Hungry for yummy food? The Chiara Bistro is a great Mediterranean spot that has fantastic ratings and is a local favorite. Bibi Café and Bakery will satisfy all your sweet tooth and coffee cravings.

You can also check out the New England Sports Academy in Westwood that lets you have some athletic fun!

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