Landlord-Tenant Law in Massachusetts

Helping Those Facing Lease/Tenant Conflicts Residential and Commercial

  •  Are you a landlord with a non-paying tenant?
  • Are you a Tenant with an uncooperative landlord?
  • Does your apartment need repair or are you being disturbed by a nightmare neighbor?
  • Are you in a battle over a security deposit?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are unfortunately a party to a landlord/tenant dispute and may end up in the Massachusetts District or Housing Court. At Next Phase Legal LLC, we have experience dealing with both residential and commercial landlord/tenant matters and can help you understand your rights and duties while helping you to navigate through the process in an efficient manner.

With extensive experience in evictions, security deposit, and habitability cases, we'll work with you to solve your landlord/tenant dispute while focusing on your goals for the case, and being attentive to controlling your legal fees.  When helping clients faced with tenancy issues, we advocate for an outcome that is fair while attempting to resolve the matter efficiently, allowing you to get on with your life.

 How can we help you with your Massachusetts Landlord or Tenant dispute or review of your lease agreement?

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, whether the property is commercial or residential, the attorneys at Next Phase Legal in Medfield, MA can help resolve your case efficiently and effectively.

  • Eviction of Non-Paying Tenants
  • Lease Disputes and Non-Performance of Lease Provisions
  • Habitability and Landlord Complaints
  • Security Deposit Disputes
  • Levy on Execution for Possession
  • Building and Sanitary Code Violations
  • Commercial Lease Disputes and Evictions
  • Claims Against Executors/Trustees
  • Review/Drafting of Commercial & Residential Lease Agreements

We understand every client dealing with a Landlord/Tenant matter must balance their needs against expenses and the property interests and monies at stake, so our cost-efficient representation considers your needs as a whole in the context of the value of the case.  Much of our Landlord/Tenant work is completed on a fixed-fee basis, which helps you with your budgeting of your legal fees.  We'd be pleased to talk to you about a custom package of services designed to fit your specific requirements.

In addition to the matters listed above, we also draft and review lease contracts, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

To schedule a confidential meeting regarding your residential or commercial lease matter, or landlord – tenant case, please contact us

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