As your child receives special education services, you will have many interactions with the school district. No matter how tense communications may become, it is important to try to maintain a professional and appropriate demeanor with your child’s school district. We understand this may not always be easy. However, your child may be in the same school system for many years and a scorched earth approach is best avoided whenever possible.

A Massachusetts special education lawyer serves as a powerful resource for parents during interactions with the child’s school district.  Special education and school attorneys will assist in broadening your understanding of your rights and those of your child. This will help you engage in communications during and outside meetings, and confidently and efficiently present information to best support the specific needs of your son or daughter. 

When considering legal representation related to your child’s special education needs, parents should seek a lawyer who is passionate, empathetic, and understanding of the complexities of disabilities and the day-to-day challenges children with disabilities and their parents face.  You should consider retaining a special education lawyer familiar with local specialists in Massachusetts and the greater Boston area, and other resources so that all available tools will be at your disposal to best advocate for your child.  

Finally, you should consider whether you want an attorney who will review your child’s records only after the situation has become litigious or whether you want to work with an attorney earlier in the process when coaching, consulting, and counseling can still be effective. Often, engaging a special education attorney sooner in the process yields better results and helps avoid expensive BSEA hearings and ongoing conflict.

These are important considerations. If communications with your child’s school district do become marked by increased levels of conflict, your attorney should have a thorough understanding of your child’s needs and goals.  Entering the process late in the stage of a dispute is certainly possible, but not always optimal.  

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