Your guide to the duties of fiduciaries

  • Have you been named executor to a will or trustee of a trust?
  • Do you believe that you did not receive a fair distribution from an estate or trust?
  • Are you contemplating setting up a trust?

Simply put, a fiduciary duty is an obligation to act in the best interests of another person or entity.  An executor, estate representative, trustee, or guardian/conservator, has a fiduciary obligation to act in the best interests of those who benefit from the estate, trust, or guardianship.  This means strict compliance with the law, prudent investment, and careful accounting.

What is Fiduciary Responsibility?

With extensive experience in estate administration, breach of fiduciary duty claims, will contests, and trust claims, we work with our clients help them handle their estate, guardianship, and trust matters in a way which ensures compliance with applicable rules and duties in a cost-effective manner.  When helping someone recover from an estate or trust, we advocate to ensure our clients are treated fairly and realize the benefit of their gift or bequest.  We have extensive experience dealing with claims against trustees and executors who failed to fulfill their legal duties and harmed beneficiaries.  Simply put, we’ll work with you to understand the estate and probate process and help you to fulfill your probate duties or to be heard and acknowledged as an estate or trust beneficiary.

  • Representation of Estate Administrators/Trustees
  • Management and Conclusion of Existing Estates
  • Creation of Trusts and Trust accounts
  • Representation of Beneficiaries
  • Trust Administration and Distribution
  • Accounting Preparation and Allowance
  • Fiduciary Bond Claims
  • Claims Against Executors/Trustees.

We understand every client dealing with an estate or trust must balance their needs against expenses and the amounts at stake, so our cost-efficient representation considers your needs as a whole in the context of the size of the estate or trust.  In fact, we provide the option of flat-fees in most cases which provide you with predictability and more control over your legal fees.  We’d be pleased to talk to you about a custom package of services designed to fit your specific requirements.

Oftentimes, claims related to fiduciary duty may also be settled through Mediation, saving parties great expense and reaching a solution without ruining family relationships.

Our relationships with our estate and trust clients rest upon foundations of trust and experienced counsel.  We’ll work with you to achieve a sensible, positive outcome for your situation.