MA Probate Attorneys – Probate Litigation in Massachusetts

When probate cases cannot be settled through focused negotiations or mediation, the remaining option is having a trial before a Justice of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court in many instances, although other courts may also hear probate matters.

Examples of probate cases include will contests, claims of undue influence, and cases involving breaches of fiduciary responsibility. Other matters that may be litigated could involve disputes over guardianships and conservatorships, and the appointment of personal representatives.

Litigation in the MA Probate and Family Courts can be complicated, and can involve numerous parties with divergent interests.  Perhaps one the most unfortunate aspects of probate litigation involves the fact that the litigants are oftentimes related to each other, making probate litigation a complex and emotionally charged process.   Our attentive and thoughtful approach can help bring a sense of calm to such situations.

Before you find yourself embroiled in expensive and lengthy litigation, we will effectively search out opportunities to reach a favorable settlement for you.  Especially in probate litigation, reaching a settlement can help preserve family bonds for the future.

As part of our probate practice, we represent:

  • Executors
  • Administrators
  • Trustees
  • Beneficiaries
  • General and limited partners, and
  • Other individuals and entities in will contests, actions for breach of fiduciary duties, accountings,  and petitions for partition of real property.

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