Special Education Services

At Next Phase Legal & Dispute Resolution LLC, our Special Education and School Law services are designed to help you obtain the best educational results for your child. Whether you are seeking just a single meeting with us or more comprehensive services, different situations may benefit from different approaches.


We can coach you on your rights and those of your child from the moment you first consider the need for special education services.  Coaching is a customized, flexible service based upon your needs and goals. Depending on your particular situation, it can include:

  1. Discuss the pros and cons of certain methods of communication you may have with school districts and tools to improve them
  2. Review the laws that apply to your children in clear, understandable terms, and how these laws apply during the stages of the special education process
  3. Assist you in processing and understanding the complex information found in reports, evaluations, and communications provided both by the school district and any outside resources
  4. Give you resources to help you bolster the information you want to provide the school district
  5. Legal advice and support you need to assert your rights and those of your child throughout the special education process

Consulting and Advising: 

We can consult with and advise you about your options during any point in the special education process, including eligibility determinations, team meetings, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team development, the drafting of IEPs, suspension and expulsion, and all aspects of Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA) proceedings.

We are also available to provide advice and consultation regarding any disciplinary or harassment concerns your child faces (related or unrelated to your child’s disabilities).


We can assist in connecting you with other helpful resources if you feel too stonewalled to make any progress independently. Such resources include:

  1. Reputable, effective and involved evaluators
  2. Non-attorney special education advocates who can accompany you to meetings (when it is has not become contentious enough for an attorney to accompany you, or you prefer a non-attorney education advocate due to cost considerations)
  3. Reference material that can help you manage the range of complicated matters that come up both at home and in school when your child with disabilities is engaged in special education

Legal Representation: 

Unfortunately, sometimes your case may progress to the hearing level. Our Special Education lawyer can represent you in BSEA conferences and hearings when communications have broken down, and when you have continuing disagreements regarding your child’s special education needs.  

We must note that when you are considering possible litigation, it is important to remember that these matters are typically best resolved through alternative forms of dispute resolution. This can include attempts to negotiate services before taking any steps toward BSEA review of issues and/or utilizing BSEA services outside of due process hearings.  The financial cost of a hearing is something to consider, and the majority of cases in Massachusetts resolve outside of this type of litigation. 

Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and will work with you early in the process to try and resolve issues before the hearing stage.  

For help, contact a Walpole and Norfolk, MA area special education lawyer at (508) 359-4043