Divorce and other family legal issues can make you feel like you’re riding a roller coaster.
We can guide you through the twists and turns, and help you move forward.

Future-Focused Massachusetts Divorce, Family, and Special Education Law

Future-Focused Massachusetts Divorce, Family, and Special Education Law

Are you facing divorce or disputes over issues such as child support, custody, or parenting plan modifications? Chances are, your mind is spinning, you haven’t slept well in weeks, and often feel overwhelmed. Perhaps you’re thinking “maybe things will get better..?” but deep down your are fairly sure they will not.

Or perhaps you are struggling to obtain the special education services your child needs and deserves. The law is on your side, but disputes over placement, IEP eligibility, and more can also make you feel like you’re on a wild ride that is going nowhere.

We understand the emotions you are experiencing and have helped hundreds of others through similar challenges. Our firm focuses on helping clients resolve divorce and other family law matters while avoiding the high costs of the traditional, court-based process whenever possible.  We seek to mediate disputes or adopt a collaborative approach rather than just leaping headlong into litigation. Sometimes, mediation or another less-adversarial approach may not be possible. When that happens, we are ready to protect your interests in court while continuing to identify favorable settlement options that satisfy your goals.

Let’s work together to get your “new normal” off to the best possible start.

The next step is up to you. Whether you want to learn more about our mediation services, have a court date coming up for a child support hearing, or need help with your child’s Individualized Education Program, we invite you to contact us to schedule an informative consultation at our Norfolk, MA office. You can also arrange a telephone or video consultation with one of our experienced lawyers or mediators. Let’s talk soon.

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