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Do you feel trapped in an unfulfilling marriage or other relationship?  Perhaps your former spouse or partner has fallen behind on child support payments, or you need to change your parenting plan to better reflect new circumstances? 

Maybe your challenge is something less stressful, but nonetheless important, such as having your will drafted or obtaining thoughtful advice related to an aging parent and communicating with other family members to provide the services and care necessary for your loved one?

You have been thinking about how to best move forward. You have done some research, but haven't quite found the answers and information you need. You may even feel a little overwhelmed and stressed about sorting out conflicting information.

When facing a divorce or other family law conflict, there is much to consider. You may be concerned about staggering legal bills eating up assets or increasing debt, cases taking years to crawl through the court system, and stress taking its toll on you and your children, making it tough to concentrate at work or school. At night, thoughts race around your head making sleep elusive. Things do not need to be that way. Those experiences do not have to be your experiences.  At a minimum, you can take steps to better manage your circumstances by working with the right family law professional.

At Next Phase Legal and Dispute Resolution, we learn about your goals and priorities and identify options to help you move forward. Our project-based approach to your case and fees helps us both manage your situation efficiently.

We believe that people facing domestic relations and other family legal issues are most satisfied when they are able to find a solution to their problems which is efficient, respectful, and reduces the chances of ending up in future disputes. The next step is up to you.  We invite you to call us to learn more about how we can help.

Is going to court really the best option for your family law case?

Dispute Resolution - including mediation and the collaborative process - can help you settle your Massachusetts divorce or other family law problem without engaging in a long, costly court battle. High conflict divorce and post-divorce parenting problems are stressful for you and damaging to your children. Learn about your options before assuming that litigation is your only path to resolution.


  • So Thankful

    Anyone looking for a divorce lawyer is probably not in a situation that they ever hoped to find themselves.. the process is not easy and is definitely uncomfortable. That being said having a good legal representation is critical. Being able to talk to someone you trust and you know has your best ... Read On

  • Very Open, Trusting Environment

    Steve McDonough and Next Phase Legal were a tremendous help as I went through the process of divorce. In choosing to do Mediation, there needs to be a high degree of trust that your attorney will provide honest and fair advice to both parties. Steve created a very open, trusting environment. My ... Read On

  • Great people with compassion

    You would be hard pressed to find better advisors than Steve and his associate Sara. Divorce is an emotional and chaotic process and yet it really matters to have someone who can guide you through it with intelligence, support and fairness. I am so grateful that I worked with them, even though i... Read On

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Predictability, cost control, and creativity

Our experience has shown that the predictability, cost control, and creativity that comes with mediation of conflicts offers our clients an opportunity to fashion satisfying, and often lasting, solutions to even the most difficult problems. Our dispute resolution services tend to limit financial hardships which result from being engaged in a dispute and avoids the unpredictability of having disputes decided by a judge.

If you prefer to have your own experienced divorce and family lawyer at your side, then the collaborative dispute resolution process adopts a team approach where each person is represented by their own collaboratively trained lawyer.

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