Is it Time to Revisit Your Child Support Order?

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About every four years, Massachusetts and other states are required by federal law to review their state child support guidelines. In Massachusetts, this responsibility is fulfilled by the Child Support Guidelines Task Force. The Task Force considers economic trends, policies, and other data and obtains input from various stakeholders such as family law practitioners and…

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Massachusetts Probate & Family Court Suspends Requirement for Parenting Education Classes

Sad little girl is looking at camera while her parents are arguing in the background

On July 8, 2021 Chief Justice John Casey of the MA Probate and Family Courts announced a suspension to the requirement for divorcing parents to complete the mandatory parent education program specified in the court’s Standing Order 2-16, Parent Education Program Attendance, issued in 2016.  The announcement surprised many MA divorce lawyers and mediators. Besides…

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Parent Education Programs & Covid-19

June 11, 2020: Before the era of Covid-19 (the good old days), the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court required that parents of children under 18 registers for a Parent Education Program within 30 days from when the original complaint was served on the defendant, or within 30 days from an order from the Court. When…

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Coronavirus Challenges and Solutions at NPL

Next Phase Legal & Dispute Resolution LLC of Norfolk, MA (and now several other locations!) remains ready to assist current and new clients. All meetings, including mediation sessions and consultations, are available by video-conference or telephone, and the office is staffed by one person. Let us know how we can help.

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Top Ten Considerations When Hiring a Special Education Lawyer

Parenting is challenging under the best of circumstances. Dealing with ongoing stress and conflict over issues related to your child’s schooling without someone on your side is more difficult. Once you decide that you need some help from a caring special education lawyer, how should you select one?  Here is our top ten list of…

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New 2018 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Released

Simplified Worksheet and Fixing Bugs Highlight June 2018 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Update On June 15, 2018, new Massachusetts child support guidelines went into effect. Not quite so new child support guidelines were just released in the Fall of 2017, and the Massachusetts child support guidelines typically follow about a three to four-year update cycle,…

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