Family Law

The family law category covers a wide range of legal issues.  Today’s families come with added variety, whether single-parent homes, same-sex couples, parents living far away from each other due to work requirements, blended families, or non-married partners.

While some of our work is shifting more towards dispute resolution, including divorce mediation, our divorce & family lawyers & mediators in Norfolk, MA have many years of experience in the Probate and Family Courts of Massachusetts, whether Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Plymouth County, Bristol County, or Worcester County.

Along with our experience as Massachusetts divorce lawyers and mediators, we work with families across a wide spectrum of family legal issues.  If you don’t specifically see your legal issue mentioned on our website, please just call and we’ll let you know if we can help, or refer you to someone who can.

Prenuptial Agreements – Prenup Lawyers in Massachusetts

  • If you are thinking about getting married, congratulations!   We hope you never get divorced, but you may want to protect yourself and avoid some of the headaches that go with divorce by getting a Prenup (Prenuptial Agreement).  Any couple can have a prenuptial agreement, but if yours is a second marriage, or there are assets you want to safeguard, such as a business or vacation home for your children, then you could benefit from a prenuptial agreement.

Mediation to Stay Married

  • Maybe your marriage isn’t working?  If arguing and frustration are the norm, and you and your spouse are not on the same page about finances, responsibilities, or parenting, then perhaps we can help save your marriage. Counseling is definitely a good idea, but maybe you and your spouse would benefit from some more concrete steps that you can put into place right away to improve your relationship.  Please read more about our Marital Mediation services if that sounds interesting.

Works of ART

  • Trying to build a family is challenging for couples facing fertility issues.  Although science may blind us with rapid advances, the law usually moves at a slower pace.   This is definitely true when it comes to issues surrounding assisted reproductive technology (ART). Give us a call for more information.

 Paternity Lawyers – Massachusetts

  • When it comes to paternity issues, don’t delay getting in touch with a Massachusetts Paternity Lawyer because there are time limits involved.   Call us to schedule your consultation, then read more about paternity here.

Post-Divorce Issues

The two most common types of post-divorce actions are complaints for contempt and complaints for modification.  We frequently help clients with such matters throughout the Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts.

Complaint for Modification

  • After your Massachusetts divorce, you may find yourself headed back to court due to changes in circumstances.   Modification Complaints often pertain to issues such as child support, parenting time, and alimony.   Being prepared and thorough are keys to achieving your goals when it comes to bringing or defending these actions in the MA Probate and Family Courts.

Contempt Complaints

  • When one party to a court Judgment or Order does not follow the order, then a Contempt Complaint may be required to enforce the order.   Before filing a Complaint for Contempt in Massachusetts, it can be worthwhile to provide the other side with an opportunity to comply, and to see if there is a reason why an order is not being followed.   Sometimes there is a simple reason, and the other side will take care of it, saving you legal fees.   Of course, sometimes that is not the case and a complaint will need to be filed.    Read more about Contempt Actions.

Restraining Orders – Domestic Abuse – 209A

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or violence, you should first take steps to protect yourself from your children.   Of course, if you are in fear of immediate danger call the police right away.   You can apply for a restraining order at the Probate and Family Court or the District Court, and in an emergency, there are on-call Judges that the police can contact to issue emergency restraining orders when the courts are closed.

Unfortunately, some people will abuse the restraining order process in an effort to gain an advantage in a divorce proceeding, or just as a way to have some removed from their home.   If this occurs, you should call an experienced Massachusetts restraining order lawyer for help.  In many instances, the order will not be extended at the return hearing when all the facts are presented clearly for the court.

Unmarried Couples

For unmarried couples, your legal rights are in some ways even more complicated, and you need to be more proactive as unmarried individuals.   When living together, buying property, or sharing an apartment, conflict can erupt when you learn that you and your partner were not on the same page.

Thus, it is important to make sure your intentions are clearly spelled out in a legal document, or you could be in for some unwanted surprises.  Learn more here.