Dispute Resolution Lawyer

When facing important decisions, it makes sense to have trustworthy information. This portion of our website is intended, along with the many posts in our blog, to help you understand the basics about some of the issues that may be involved in your situation, including:

Remember, this information is just for general information purpose’s and you should not rely on it as specific advice.

Get Good Advice from Trustworthy Sources

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of bad or even blatantly false information online, or you may hear it during a meeting.  Be on the lookout for claims that sound too good to be true.  Some websites spout forth significant amounts of malarkey.   To make things worse, it is probably easier for someone to manipulate you during times of significant stress.

Other divorce mediators and lawyers may make claims for advertising purposes that are simply not true, misleading, or not based upon fact.  You should understand that non-lawyer mediators are not required to follow the strict rules of professional conduct that Massachusetts attorneys must follow, and some may use this to their advantage when it comes to advertising and promoting their business.

For example, one divorce mediator in our local area who is not a lawyer and not an experienced mental health professional, uses the word “Certified” in his business name.  Certified by what professional organization is the big question!  This is clearly misleading, and a review of this particular website may lead well-meaning folks to believe the person is a lawyer. Remember, only licensed attorneys can provide legal advice or complete legal documents for you.  It is against the law to practice law otherwise.  A mediator that is a licensed attorney is allowed to complete legal documents on your behalf, but non-attorney mediators may not.

Another mediator in the area claims to be an expert in divorce and family law, but is not a lawyer. Hmmmmm. You’ll notice that actual lawyers rarely refer to themselves as experts because our insurance companies don’t like it.

Dispute Resolution Lawyer

We are not trying to be negative or attack other businesses by sharing this information.   We hope it serves as a reminder that you should listen and read carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The more educated you are about your process options and the issues related to your case, the better.

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