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Managing clients and a hectic caseload, getting compensated for your work, and managing your practice is not easy. It is no wonder that lawyer-burnout and unhealthy lifestyle choices are common in our profession.

Trying a case is consuming in a variety of ways, eating up your calendar so you are not readily available for your other clients or your own family. Of course, after all of your preparation, your client may not be happy with the outcome and even less happy when they receive their bill.

As cases take longer to finish, clients become less appreciative. When working with a divorce client for example, many people simply cannot afford a trial.  Few cases actually are litigated, but for those that are, you may have trial dates scattered over long time periods, which is hardly optimal.  Normally, it makes sense for your clients if a fair resolution is achieved earlier in the process as opposed to the morning before trial.

Our mission when providing ADR services is to provide unwavering impartiality, effectiveness, and efficiency.  Our ADR services include:

Improve Attorney-Client Relationships

As an attorney, you benefit when using ADR by being viewed as a problem-solver by your client rather than a combatant. More efficient and satisfying resolutions are likely to produce happier clients for your practice.

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