Ready to Get Started On Your Next Phase?

Taking this first step is a big deal. We understand that. You have thought things through, and you are ready to move forward and make some changes for the better. There is a good chance you have not hired a divorce or family mediator or lawyer before now, so let’s demystify the basic steps so you know how it all works from when you first contact us.


You contact us and schedule your one-hour, confidential consultation. The $250 consultation fee is due when you schedule to reserve your time.

During your initial meeting, we will listen and learn more about your situation, concerns, and goals. We’ll answer your questions. You will have a clearer picture of things when you leave and have a game plan. You’ll get information about your fee options.



Following your initial meeting, we will follow up within 2 or 3 days with a detailed proposal outlining our services and recommendations, pricing, and payment options. You can accept the proposal electronically, or just follow up with us if you have any questions.

After you accept the proposal, we’ll invite you to your client portal and share your client agreement for your e-signatures, and collect your fee, or the initial fee per the proposal. Once these two things are done, you are officially a client.



Now, it’s time to get to work on your case! First steps typically involve our collecting the information and documents we need from you. You can get us documents in a number of ways, including uploading them to your 24/7 client portal.

In process – mediations, settlement meetings, reviewing information, analyzing financials, keeping in touch, drafting documents, etc. This is like making the pizza, without the actual benefit of a pizza. We could get pizza though. That would be nice.



Completion! You probably have a lot more money left since you avoided a long and expensive court battle, so treat yourself to something nice - or at least get a pizza!