So Thankful

“Anyone looking for a divorce lawyer is probably not in a situation that they ever hoped to find themselves.. the process is not easy and is definitely uncomfortable. That being said having a good legal representation is critical. Being able to talk to someone you trust and you know has your best interests at hand is not only welcome but can bring comfort.

Nothing about divorce is easy and everyone thinks they are an expert. However Sarah and the people at Next Phase are. I am thankful that I chose to work with them and Sarah specifically. She was always well prepared and knowledgeable. Her level of professionalism helped me feel comfortable when the situation wasn’t.”

– Steve

Very Open, Trusting Environment

“Steve McDonough and Next Phase Legal were a tremendous help as I went through the process of divorce. In choosing to do Mediation, there needs to be a high degree of trust that your attorney will provide honest and fair advice to both parties.

Steve created a very open, trusting environment. My ex-husband and I both went into the meetings with high stress levels, but Steve was able to diffuse the tension and help us work toward a common goal at each session. The mediation process went quickly and we were able to cover all areas within six sessions. The Next Phase team prepared all of our paperwork, making it simple to file with the court.

Overall, Steve helped make the painful process of divorce go smoothly and as pain-free as possible.”

– Jennifer

Great people with compassion

“You would be hard pressed to find better advisors than Steve and his associate Sara.

Divorce is an emotional and chaotic process and yet it really matters to have someone who can guide you through it with intelligence, support and fairness. I am so grateful that I worked with them, even though it was ugly at times, they always had my best interests at heart. Steve and Sara even protected me from myself.

When I was at a low point and just wanted to walk away basically empty handed, and ready to just throw in the towel and capitulate to a really bad deal, they helped me stand my ground (even though it felt shaky). They are great people, and do their job with exceptional professionalism and compassion.”

– Jeanne

Very easy to talk to

“Going to a lawyer for anything is not easy. There is apprehension about what is to come and the fear of the unknown.

Steve’s approach calmed things down, he was very easy to talk to, and by the end of our first meeting we had all the information in a logical order, we had a game plan to get us to a conclusion, and we had a tentative time table to make it all happen.

Making an appointment with Next Phase Legal and meeting Steve is one of the best things I did in a difficult time.”

– Bob

I am So Lucky!

“I feel so lucky to have found Stephen for divorce mediation services. He was unbelievably professional but also kind and sensitive during such a difficult period in anyone’s life.

I can not recommend him highly enough and would not hesitate to use his services again in the future if ever necessary. Stephen provided helpful suggestions and insights, above and beyond mediator services, that turned out to be very valuable. Initially he was the only individual who gave his condolences when I was trying to evaluate and choose a mediator.

That initial kindness was a great indicator of his character. Very kind, knowledgeable and fair to both parties involved. Thanks so much for all of your help guiding us in such a difficult time.”

– Kathy

Very Happy!

“Very happy with Steve and Next Phase Legal LLC. We had a will drawn up and my wife and I were very pleased with the work, the timeliness, and the price. We would recommend!”

– Andrew

Amazing Team!

“Excellent , professional, courteous, knowledgeable, caring team of people. So thankful for everyone from the admins, to every member of the team.”

– Natalie

I Highly Recommend Stephen McDonough

“I highly recommend Stephen McDonough. I worked with Stephen McDonough for my divorce mediation and was completely satisfied. He clearly explained the process from start to finish, but kept it from feeling overwhelming by focusing on one step at a time. He was always professional, but at the same time his sense of humor and easy manner kept the atmosphere as light and comfortable as possible considering the circumstances. Phone calls and emails were always returned promptly, and questions and concerns addressed clearly and patiently. I would not hesitate to return to this office for any future legal needs.”

– Divorce Mediation Reviews

Very easy to work with

“Stephen McDonough is very knowledgeable in the collaborative divorce process. My divorce moved along swiftly with his guidance. Entering into a divorce can be overwhelming but I was fortunate enough to find Stephen McDonough through the internet. He was easy to work with and has a great sense of humor, which helped during this period of my life. He was very knowledgeable about the collaborative process and both myself and my ex-spouse would recommend him.”

– Tiffany, Collaborative Divorce

Right to the Point

“Steve gets right to the point. He kept me focused on what was important in my case. My ex was very volatile and uncooperative. Steve handled every situation that came up in a professional manner.”

– Divorce Client

Very Responsive

“Steve made a difficult, emotional process easier to get through. Steve or someone from his staff would respond to my requests in a timely manner. Although he had warned me that this process can take a long time, he was able to work quickly to settle my case with my best interests in mind. He has a great ability to recognize and diffuse conflicts before they escalate, a valuable skill in divorce proceedings.”

– Liz, Bristol County

Perfect Fit

“Best part of my divorce!  I found Steve by just looking online for alternatives to divorce litigation. My initial meeting with Steve was very informative and put me at ease. My ex is a tough person to please-hence the divorce, but Steve was able to make him feel comfortable, which is a tall task. We both enjoyed the process with Steve. I believe his previous career enables him to react to people under stress in a very calming, appropriate manner. He has a fantastic sense of humor, but I suppose that’s subjective. When we went to court, the judge was quite impressed with our agreement – saying nothing was left uncovered/unaddressed.  Steve was a perfect fit for my ex and I and our divorce.”

– Julie

Exceptional Knowledge

“Divorce is an unfortunate and difficult process. I have heard horror stories of huge expense and bitter conflicts. Steve was immensely helpful on the process, on what to expect and how to manage productively through the process. His guidance helped us build a very good agreement, even applauded by the court judge. He is an intelligent and understanding person, aware of the emotional toll and conscious of the typical challenges that face a couple throughout. Steve has an exceptional knowledge of the law and particularly of the collaborative process. I would highly recommend Steve for any of his services, especially for collaborative divorce.”

– Todd

The Best Representation I Could Get

“From the moment I spoke to Steve I felt confident that I was getting the best representation I could. He immediately made me understand what was going on and what he was going to do on my behalf. He understood that we were dealing with not only a financial issue but an emotional one as well because we were talking about matters concerning support of my daughter. Steve was not only professional, but reassuring. From the very beginning, he was confident about my case and was able to instill some of that confidence in me. After our court date, not only was there no reduction but he was ordered to pay more per week due to Steve’s arguments on my behalf! Not only will I never go back to court without him on my side, I would recommend his services to anyone needing legal assistance regarding divorce, separation or child support issues.”

– Kelly

Would Recommend to Anyone

“The obvious emotional stress of going through a divorce is certainly enough for anyone to cope with. Working with Stephen made this difficult time a little easier with his knowledge and communication during our mediation process. He was able to help us reach a mutually beneficial agreement, and I would recommend Stephen to anyone and welcome any inquiries regarding the process from my own experience.”

– John

Great Mediator!

“Great mediator! Steve was the third attorney/mediator we met with when searching for assistance with our divorce. He was very professional, fair, and thorough. His sense of humor and levity helped put us at ease. When we went to court, the judge commented that our divorce agreement was a very well-drafted document.”

– Marilyn

Very Knowledgeable

“Going through a divorce isn’t easy but Stephen helped ease the stress through mediating the process. He explained the process, advised on what to expect, and helped make it less stressful. Stephen is very knowledgeable and knows what to anticipate in divorce court. This helped us to reach a fair and reasonable agreement with the least amount of pain. No grief and aggravation of lawyers battling and the fees going up and up. If you are reasonable adults and appreciate a true professional, working with Stephen is the way to go.”

– Sue C

Highly Recommend

“I highly recommend Steve for mediation services. Steve did a great job guiding us through the mediation process and keeping both parties focused on the important issues.”

– Lisa

Very Good Fit

“Steve was very professional and thorough and was able to help us reach a mutual agreement, he was a very good fit for my ex-husband and for me too and I would highly recommend him.”

– Divorce Client

Made me feel at ease and comfortable

“I went into our first meeting not knowing what to expect and right away Steve made me feel at ease and comfortable. He did an excellent job of explaining the entire process and brought up many things that I had not yet thought about. I left our first meeting feeling that we (my ex-wife and I) made the correct choice in hiring Steve.”

– Bill

Very Good Experience

“I had a very good experience with Stephen McDonough. He was personable and put me at ease right away. He seemed very experienced and knowledgeable and was able to answer most, if not all of my questions. He was very patient with my husband and me, as we hit quite a few bumps along the way. Cost wise, the mediation process was much less expensive than a contested divorce. I think my husband and I were both satisfied with the process and the final agreement. I would highly recommend Stephen and his staff and the mediation process as well.”

– Cate

As Painless as Possible

“A divorce is never pretty or fun but attorney Stephen McDonough helped make the process less confusing and as painless as possible. I worked with Steve as my attorney while involved in divorce mediation in Worcester County. Steve was extremely helpful by answering all of my questions and coaching me between the mediation sessions. His knowledge of the financial issues and ideas on bargaining helped me negotiate a fair settlement – for me and my children. Since Steve is also an experienced mediator, he did not try and upset the mediation process, but was supportive and understanding. Steve was always quick to respond to my emails or telephone calls and was very accommodating around my busy schedule. I highly recommend him.”

– Peter