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Did you know that mental health experts consider divorce one of the most stressful experiences people encounter?  Even post-divorce conflict over issues such as child support and parenting can increase anxiety for parents and children alike.  Unfortunately, some people are unable to escape patterns of high conflict or poor communications.

Although divorce is never easy, you and your spouse can minimize the negatives. Avoiding a divorce war is a smart goal. By the time an adversarial, litigation case is over, people are usually frustrated that it took so long, that is cost so much money, and for parents – that working together for the benefit of the kids is more challenging than ever before.

We cannot eliminate the stress and emotions surrounding your Massachusetts divorce or other family law case, but we believe our approach deserves your careful consideration.

We will listen to you carefully and provide you with open and honest feedback – even when it may not be exactly what you are hoping to hear. Let’s explore all of your options and find the best fit for your specific situation.

Massachusetts Family Mediator & Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Divorce and family law attorney and mediators in Norfolk County

At Next Phase Legal & Dispute Resolution, our legal services include:

Dispute Resolution Services

More and more frequently, clients hire us to sever as a neutral dispute resolution professional, such as a mediator or conciliator. Dispute Resolution is also referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  Today, there is nothing alternative about employing mediation to resolve disputes efficiently. It is a common approach, and fewer and fewer people and organizations chose to battle things out in the courtroom – whether a complex, high-value divorce or a commercial real estate dispute. Our panel of mediators provides dispute resolution services to individuals, families, organizations, and other professionals – including outside attorneys that seek us out to help resolve challenging cases.

We provide mediation and dispute resolution services in a number of areas, including:

Our online mediation services using simple video-conferencing tools mean that you do not have to live near our office to take advantage of our services and work with our skilled Massachusetts mediators.

To learn more about our mediation and dispute resolution services for other types of disputes, please click on the link below to visit that section of our website:

Do It Mostly Yourself 

If you have a tight budget, but still need some help, learn more about our Do It Mostly Yourself  (or DIMY, as we like to call it) options here.