Online Divorce Mediation… Without Pants?

Online Divorce Mediation Without Pants

Are you feeling constricted?  Maybe you have not found the right fit for your divorce or other mediation?

Yes, the rumors are true. You can resolve your Massachusetts divorce, or post-divorce concerns such as modifying your parenting plan or child support, without leaving your own home or office. You could even wear your pajamas while participating in mediation without even traveling to our office. Despite the title of this post, we do have a relatively strict policy requiring pants if you should join us in our office, except for casual Fridays.

Technology allows us serve clients efficiently and help people outside our geographic area, or those with mobility issues.  This is a convemient option when one person has relocated further away or even out of state, while the case reamins based in Massachusetts.

For example, our secure client platform enables us to share documents with you in a few clicks, and you can even upload documents to us.  Secure messaging is another feature that helps keep communications with us private and organized.  All of these things are part of your secure electronic case file, available 24/7 to you.

As an example, one mediation couple we worked with involved one parent that had moved to a different part of Massachusetts.  The mother was closer, but had a new baby at home she was caring for.   We sucessfully completed all of their mediations sessions through video-conferencing, at not additional cost to the parties.  The parents were able to have the benefit of our experience and selected one of our fixed-fee mediation packages without having to drive to an office.   Through simply using a lap-top or  tablet, or even a smartphone, we are able to work with clients whether located in Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Bristol County, or anywhere else in Massachusetts.

Online Divorce Mediation Without Pants in Massachusetts*

If you live far from our Norfolk, Massachusetts main office (located near Walpole, Millis, and Franklin for those unfamilir with our little town of Norfolk), we can still provide you with a top-notch divorce mediation experience and other dispute resolution services, including parenting coordination services.   Do you live in Hingham?  Westford?  Cape Cod?  Western Massachusetts? No problem, as long as you have a computer and the internet (well, and some money for mediation fees), then our skilled mediators can help you resolve a variety of Massachusetts legal issues through mediation.

With mediation, a neutral professional works with the parties with the goal of reaching a settlement on all outstanding issues. Mediation is private, voluntary, and provides significant cost-savings when compared to the traditional court-based divorce litigation process.   We have a number of resources about mediation on this website, including in our blog section.   You may want to read this to start: Mediation Intro.

People routinely work remotely these days and attend meetings through various video-conferencing applications.  Why not consider taking advantage of avoiding traffic, and perhaps you are more comfortable not sitting in the same phycial space as the other involved person?

Simple Online Mediation, Even For The Technically Challenged

Conducting your divorce mediation online is easy.  No need to pay for any extra equipment (unless you do not have a built-in web-cam and microphone like most computers have, or a tablet, or a smartphone). Of course, you will need access to the internet, and we will send you a link you use to join the online meeting.  It is possible to participate by voice only, but we find that the video provides a better experience for everyone, thus that is preferred.

In a mediation context, each participant will see the other people involved in the mediation session on their screen, including the mediator. You can also see yourself, in case you want to check your hair or get that little thingy from lunch off of your tooth.

We have completed a number of web-based divorce mediations successfully, and we would be pleased to have you talk with one of our experienced mediators to learn more about divorce and family mediation, or other types of mediation, whether you are near or far.  At Next Phase Legal LLC, all of our mediators are certified, experienced, play well with others, and are licensed attorneys in Massachusetts.

Please call Mediator/Attorney Steve McDonough at (508) 359-4043 for more information.  Although we have interjected a little humor into this post, divorce itself is an unfortunate and sad time for families.  We try to make the process less stressful and cumbersome for our clients. We are committed to helping you through the process in a caring and respectful way.

Divorce mediation, elder law mediation, family mediation, landlord-tenant mediation, in Massachusetts.   Next Phase Legal is located in Norfolk, MA. We are close to Westwood, Walpole, Franklin, Norwood, Foxboro, Millis, Medway, Dover, and Sherborn.   Now, our mediators are streaming through the interweb to save you time, money, and stress. 

* No, seriously..please put on some pants.