Legal Representation

Perhaps you need a lawyer to review a contract, help launch a business, handle a modification to your child support, or negotiate changes to your parenting plan. Discover how we can help make your life easier as you deal with the changes in your life.

Although the number of contested court-based cases we accept is limited as we focus more on mediation and alternatives to litigation, contact us to discuss your case and how we can help.  We will work closely with you to develop a plan and determine the best way to achieve your goals.  If your case is contested, we will look for opportunities to reach a negotiated settlement that is fair and workable, so you can move forward with other important aspects of your life.

If we cannot assist with your specific matter, we will be pleased to refer you to a qualified attorney experienced with cases such as yours.

Our focus areas include:

Massachusetts Divorce & Family Law

Probate of Estates / Estate Administration

For additional information regarding a legal advisor, please call us at (508) 359-4043.   To learn more about various legal matters, please visit our Learning Center and our Blog.