Siblings & Elder Mediation

Siblings & Elder MediationAs our family members age, conflict between siblings is no longer based upon who gets to decide what to watch on TV or who gets to sit in the front seat.  A myriad of issues may surface requiring a consensus among other adult family members.  Oftentimes, these challenges can lead to conflict among siblings as family dynamics become more complicated, and conversations deteriorate or even end altogether.  Siblings may have different economic and family circumstances, and may live far away from each other and their aging parent or parents. Siblings may find working together challenging, and reaching an agreement may seem out of reach.

In terms of finding solutions, adult siblings are wise to consider alternatives to yelling, nasty emails, and threatened litigation.

An experienced elder mediator can help siblings and other family members work through their parent’s life transitions – avoiding more conflict, stress, and high legal fees.  Elder family mediation allows all of the parties a voice, so topics such as health and medical care, inheritance issues, caregiving concerns, and financial matters can be approached thoughtfully in a supportive, professionally guided atmosphere.

Some families may decide to include spouses and even other professionals, such as financial planners, in the process.    Through mediation, siblings are frequently successful in finding solutions for these and other issues.  Communications and problem-solving skills improve, keeping future conflict to a minimum.

When faced with senior care issues, it is best to seek assistance early in the process, before positions become entrenched and emotions add increased complexity to working things out. It is true that early intervention is best, and working with an elder mediator may provide an opportunity for your family to preserve everyone;s financial and emotional well-being.

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