7 Crazy Prenup Agreements

Prenuptial agreements can be a source of contention between a couple before they tie the knot. In the event the couple splits up, who gets the house? The money? The gardener?

Yes, as prenuptial agreements become more common, more and more eccentric assets and clauses are being added. Let’s take a look at seven unlikely additions that have been creeping into prenuptial agreements.

1. Weight gain clause

Weight Gain ClauseDoes this prenup make me look fat? Maybe.

More couples have been including weight clauses in their prenups that limit the pounds their spouse can gain. You could argue that this will help you stick to your fitness regimen if there is money on the line, but it’s more likely to just cause a fight. Good luck to anyone trying to add this into their prenup!

2. Dating clause

Dating clauseHigh-profile couples have even added this to their prenup. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan reportedly have it written down that the Facebook founder needs to spend a minimum of 100 minutes with Chan alone outside the office every week.

3. Cheating clause

Cheating ClauseWith 55% of divorcing couples saying infidelity was the reason behind their divorce, the cheating clause seems to make sense on paper. You can literally make your partner pay if you catch them cheating.

Denise Richards took full advantage of this when she was married to Charlie Sheen. She reportedly made $4 million off his indiscretions.

4. No-Drugs Clause

No Drugs ClauseIf you’re engaged to a former drug addict, then maybe you’re considering adding this to a prenup. If your partner starts using again, you can make sure they don’t get a dime from you.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban reportedly added this clause to their prenup. Urban, a former drug addict, has to keep a clean lifestyle or he’ll be cut off from Kidman’s fortune if they get a divorce.

5. Splitting up “the help”

Splitting up “the help”It took you ages to find a really good babysitter. Now you’re getting divorced and your ex is trying to take them away. Well now you can put it down in writing that you get the babysitter, and your ex will just have to find someone else.

Division of the domestic labor is another wacky addition you can have in your prenuptial agreement. You can specify that you get the maid and your ex can get the gardener. The pool boy will obviously have to go with whoever gets the house with the pool.

6. Division of pets

Division of petsYour pet can sometimes feel more like family than, well, your actual family. So you want to protect your pet cat, dog, or ferret from ever landing in your partner’s lap if you get divorced. Though, if your pet ferret is really a huge concern for you, you might want to examine your priorities.

7. Sex clause

Sex ClauseAs weird as this clause sounds, some couples are adding in to their prenup how frequently they should be having sex. Nothing says romance like pulling out a contract in the bedroom!

Want to draw up a normal prenup?

Prenups can be beneficial legal documents that help you and your partner secure your assets. They really only work if both partners are on board with the prenup and they both get a sense of security from the document.

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