Can Mediation Speed Up the Divorce Process?

Getting divorced is an emotional and difficult experience for most people, but going through the court system adds another layer of complexity, and the increased legal fees that go along with it. A court-centric approach can also extend the amount of time it takes for you to end your marriage and move forward.

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Multiple options are available to divorcing spouses, and pursuing alternative dispute resolution such as collaborative divorce or mediation may help speed up the process. Mediation carries multiple benefits for parents or divorcing spouses who are interested in working together to arrive at an agreement better tailored for their specific needs . One of these benefits is resolving a divorce faster than in a traditional litigation setting.

By the time you decide to file for a divorce, you may have gone through many different emotions and feel firm and your final choice. The last thing you want is to drag this out for years in court, reliving the same patterns. According to the life change index scale, divorce is the second most stressful event that a person can go through, and court-based divorces can take at least a year to complete (if not even longer). Cases with complex issues or high levels of conflict frequently will take more time to progress through the court system, and court dates for many Massachusetts judges at the Probate and Family Court are scheduled far in advance.

In mediation, you may be able to arrive at an agreement faster than going through court, especially when considering some courts are still overloaded. These delays can stop you from being able to close out this chapter of your life and to move into the next one.

Studies have shown that more divorcing couples, especially parents, want to explore alternative dispute resolution methods, such as divorce and family mediation.

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable mediator, however, puts you in the driver’s seat to make these important decisions and may take a few months. Contact a dedicated Norfolk, MA divorce mediator today to learn more about pursuing alternative dispute resolution.