Medical Expenses in Your Divorce Budget

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Figuring out medical expenses during a divorce can be tricky

The divorce budget will be an important factor for your marital estate as it relates to your divorce. Your Norfolk family lawyer has explained the how medical expenses are considered and the way in which he will calculate your medical expense budget below.

Typical Medical Costs Included in a Budget

Generally, medical expenses in a divorce budget include things like health insurance costs, bills for doctors, dentists, and opticians and prescription costs.

Calculating a Medical Expense Budget

Your attorney will begin your budget by looking at the monthly health insurance premiums paid for you and for your children if you are responsible for their insurance costs. The budget should also include your insurance deductible and any routine medical care expenses that can be easily predicted. Future costs are less predictable and, as a result, will be more difficult to factor into your divorce budget.

Moving Forward with Marriage Dissolution

The decision to dissolve a marriage is not one most people take lightly. There are many factors to be considered. It is important to discuss these factors, including the establishment of a divorce budget, with your Norfolk family law attorney right away. The more you understand going into the divorce process the less stressful things will be as they move forward.

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