Client Portal

As part of your onboarding process as a client, we will set up your online client portal. When that is done, you will receive an email inviting you to set up your credentials.  We do not have access to your password, but you can reset it if you forget it. 

The portal provides a secure environment for us to share case information, tasks, and scheduling and meeting details.  Two-way document sharing makes uploading your case documents simple, and we can collect your e-signature if needed.  

Instead of relying on scattered channels of communication (email, phone, text messages, etc.) the client portal serves as the communications hub for your case.  The portal also has video-conferencing features built-in.  

You can access the portal through your web browser, and there is a dedicated app for your smartphone, providing convenient and quick access to case information – and to us.   

You might want to think of your client portal as the “Beyond” in Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  If you are a science fiction fan, you may think of it as your personal Tardis or possibly similar to HAL9000. 

Once you have set up your login info, you may click the image below to access your client portal. 

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Your client portal is a powerful tool for good.