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Spare your family the stress of a messy, drawn-out fight. The attorneys at Next Phase Legal Dispute and Resolution have years of experience helping clients in the Ashland, Massachusetts and surrounding areas take charge of their divorces. 

If you are looking to minimize the conflict and cost of divorce, Next Phase Legal Dispute & Resolution can advise you regarding all of your divorce options such as mediation or collaborative divorce. Our skilled attorneys have been working with clients throughout the Ashland area to find the best way to resolve divorces quickly and cost-effectively.   

About Next Phase Legal Dispute & Resolution

At Next Phase Legal Dispute & Resolution, our goal is to resolve family law matters with as little stress and financial burden as possible. Your attorney will discuss all of your options and help you find the most effective course of action for the lowest price. 

Whether your divorce is more collaborative or requires aggressive court action, we can help you navigate your options. With three satellite locations and alternative options such as onsite and video conferencing options, Next Phase Legal Dispute & Resolution serves family law clients in Ashland, Massachusetts and beyond. 

Next Phase Legal Dispute & Resolution Practice Areas

At Next Phase Legal Dispute & Resolution, we focus exclusively on family law matters so our legal team understands how to handle the issues that commonly arise. We can help you with every aspect of family law. Besides divorce, we handle alimony, child support and custody, property division, prenuptial agreements, paternity cases, domestic violence restraining orders, and issues related to assisted reproductive technology. 

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If you live in Ashland, Massachusetts or the surrounding area and need assistance with a family law matter, contact Next Phase Legal Dispute & Resolution today to learn how we can help. To begin the conversation, call us at (508) 359-4043. We  look forward to getting to know you.