Civil Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Next Phase Legal of Medfield, MA, has assembled a panel of experienced, affiliated conflict resolution professionals that are well-equipped to help resolve a range of civil matters.  Our panel members are available to serve in a number of different ADR roles, including:

  • Mediator
  • Conciliator
  • Case Evaluator
  • Arbitrator

Why choose ADR for your civil case?

ADR can help you to settle your dispute without engaging in a long, costly court battles. ADR is a flexible, goal based, and efficient process which provides those involved in a dispute an opportunity to address the conflict directly and to find solutions based upon practical considerations.

ADR is a problem solving approach to conflict and participants get to avoid the adversarial atmosphere of the courtroom and it’s often expensive, short sighted, and time consuming distractions from the heart of the conflict.

What ADR can help you with

When you are involved in a business, real estate, personal, or commercial dispute, your time is valuable and best dedicated to improving your business and life. Court based litigation is often a poor choice to settle disputes. It can take years to get a final judgment and the parameters of any court imposed judgment are limited by what the law allows.

A solution which best fits the problem may not be available from a Court, and, even if it is, it may take an enormous amount of time and cost an exorbitant sum to obtain a judgment.

Whether you are running a business or managing your day to day affairs, a court case can deeply impact you financially, without any assurance of a satisfactory outcome, and cause stress and worry. It is usually more cost-effective and to settle commercial disputes through arbitration or mediation. These alternatives to court based litigation allow the parties to have a say in the outcome and control the costs and timeline.

In an ADR setting, the conflict resolution professional is neutral, both parties are treated equally, and bring all of their concerns to the table, whether or not they would be relevant or permissible in a courtroom.

There is not only no benefit to keeping a business or personal dispute going on for years, there are only costs and distress associated with prolonged conflict. When two parties cannot agree, both are incurring various costs that is better spent on running their businesses or otherwise benefiting their family or lives in other ways.

We can also help in other civil matters, such as:

  • Personal Injury
  • Contract Disputes
  • Construction
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Labor and Employment
  • Consumer Cases
  • Intentional Torts
  • Probate & Estates
    • Will Contests
    • Fiduciary Responsibility
    • Adult and Family Member Issues

The firm’s present mediators continue to provide effective mediation for divorce and family law matters. Learn more about our panel members.